Full Day School

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Full Day School

Here I will give my opinion about full day school,It is better than students go home early.

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It is better than students go home early. Students could learn more in the school for example they could learn in a group with their friends to do their homework. School can provide facilities to student such as internet. It supports students who want to do the task. School should have nice atmosphere such as garden, gazebo and so on. With a pleasant atmosphere the students do not get bored if they have to learn one day at school. Study does not be indoor it can be outdoor class. I agree with this plan because most of parents now cannot supervise their children because of his work. So parents can be sure that their children are already in school supervision will make a better generation.

Mr. Muhadjir Effendi recently appointed as minister of education and culture, he promotes his controversial plan to extend school hours for elementary and junior high school, student in order to have better educated students. This plan applies for students could get educational character and general knowledge. In their school based on our President now Mr. Jokowi says that ideal condition of education in Indonesia when both of education aspects are fulfilled. In the current development, at the time every school competes for improving resource quality students with a various ways.

Full day school means students learn from at 07.00 a.m to 04.00 or 05.00 p.m. student could do extracurricular activities such as sport, scout, religious activities (reciting Al-Qur’an, Banjari) to shape the character, personality and develop their potential. The principle could bring in trainer for non academic activities. Thus, students are in school supervision and unaffected with negative association such as misuse of drug, brawl and promiscuity. If this applied to the school, students will get holiday for 2 days there are Saturday and Sunday. So that, this will provide an opportunity for the students can gather longer with family. Saturday can be a family day, so the communication between parents and children stay awake.

And the realities on various social media many people reject this plan because parents thought that full day school children learn start from 07.00 a.m to 05.00 p.m.  Whereas the intention of minister of education and culture students learn in the school environment has various activities such as tutoring, character building, socializing, games, extracurricular, religious guidance and they could do the task.

Full day school has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages from full day school are to avoid students from negative activities outside the school, development of talent and intelligence interests of students anticipated early through monitoring and counseling program, full day school make students have more time to learn, learner will be able to improve the talents and interest through extracurricular activities, students could do their task in the school, Saturday and Sunday could provide an opportunity for students gather longer with family, school have plenty of time to arrange fun activities and balance between formal education, religion, character, games and school activities, character education with family more qualified because formal learning has been cover in the school, parents are responsible, they have more time to be able to give education of character, faith and learn about life and in their home children more educated and balanced in all aspect. In addition, full day school have disadvantages such as full day school in dire need of physical and psychological readiness, if students do not prepare it will be bored even frustrating, children will lose their time with their family at home, the application of full day school concept cost are generally more expensive than ordinary school, and if full day school applied in urban areas student can learn with comfortable and quiet because of school facilities are adequate, whereas in remote facilities are very concern.

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